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Ask the Chef


Are the sauces you sell in stores gluten free?
Yes, all our sauces are 100-% gluten free & no preservatives!

What your favorite kitchen

An old, sharp French knife given to
me by my Mother-in-law and my spatula!

What does your family like you to make for them?
They love my
“Sunday Sauce.”  I make simple meals for them, perhaps topping the sauce on top of pasta or eggplant for a casual family dish.  My family especially loves Frittatas made with Mediterranean herbs and asparagus or any other vegetables I have in the house.  

What products can’t you live without?
No doubt, it’s
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh tomatoes.

As a Chef, what is your biggest Pet Peeve when dining out?
That the food sometimes in not real Mediterranean, and that the legacy of
my homeland may not be kept alive.  The Chef may have learned from someone who was not from that area and therefore the dish is nothing like what I grew up with in Italy.  Example:  The names and combinations have meanings.  If you order “Amatriciana” – it’s a sauce from the Lazio region (which Rome is part of), a specialty from Amatricia which should be served with Bucatini pasta – made to hold the sauce in the center opening (like a long tube), giving you a mouthful of sauce with every bite of the pasta.  The flavor, texture and story should all come together.

If you have questions for Chef Silvio, please email them to:  and he’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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Congratulations Chef Silvio!
Winning in the top three for "Best of Award" for all of CT!

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